Spoon Games Return

Spoon games

24 May 2021

Spoon Games are taking place as follows:

Every FRIDAY at 7.00 pm

Every TUESDAY at 2 pm and Friday evenings at 7 pm respectively.   

Please follow the under noted guidelines.

Members arriving by car MUST sanitise Parking Permits and sign in and out via the Control Book in the Clubhouse.

ALL players MUST sign in via the TRACK AND TRACE book in the Clubhouse.

ALL players MUST sanitise their hands (wall hand sanitisers are placed throughout the Clubhouse).

ALL players MUST wear face coverings in the Clubhouse.

ALL players MUST follow instructions regarding the responsibility of sanitising and handling mats and jacks during and after games (information is displayed inside the Shed).

Many thanks and look forward to seeing you on the Green.

June Lee – Club Secretary on behalf of the President and Committee